Personal Care

At Ashlands, we strive to ensure all Service Users maintain their own identity and encourage them to bring their own personal belongings. This provides them with a home from home environment which we feel is essential in maintaining and promoting well-being. Ashlands provides specialist, quality care for the elderly of both genders aged 65 and over and for those with dementia and can accommodate 24 Service Users. We also provide respite care when rooms are available. We have regular input from GPs, Nurse Specialists and District Nurses who are available 24 hours a day. We have input from other health professionals where required and have arrangements in place for visits by Opticians, Chiropodists, Dentists and Hairdressers.


At Ashlands we have a great team who ensure all the residents have a balanced diet. Sarah who is our lead Chef has a true passion for what she does and always has a smile! The food is freshly prepared and everyone is given a choice of what that would like, Morning, Noon or Night.

Philosophy of Care

Our home is dedicated to the provision of the highest standards of care for our Service Users. This will be achieved through the integration of efficient administrative practices in accordance with the requirements for registration under The Health and Social Care Act (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014 as amended from time to time.

Ashlands philosophy is to provide 24/7 care to our Service Users in the best possible way. We aim to provide a safe, secure, relaxed, happy and peaceful environment for the Service Users to live in and for the staff to work in. We strive to create a home from home atmosphere that enables all care needs and the ever-changing needs of the individual to be met. We respect each Service User as an individual and recognise and acknowledge the person’s rights, choices and opinions regarding all aspects of their care.

We offer sensitive and conscientious care from competent, committed and well-trained staff. We ensure they undertake regular training and refresher courses to maintain or enhance their existing skills. As from April 2015, all new care staff are required to undertake a Care Certificate induction course to provide them with a good level of understanding of the individual needs of Service Users and of the requirements relating to their job role. This ensures knowledgeable, person-centred care is given.

It is an important part of our philosophy to provide quality care and respect privacy; the dignity of the individual being uppermost in our minds. Staff are trained to focus on Service Users’ own rights and choices and to respect their privacy at all times. They are trained to deal with all aspects of care sensitively. Staff are trained to protect the dignity and privacy of the Service User when assisting with all personal care needs. Staff must ensure they respect the rights of the Service User and knock before entering private areas. They must maintain confidentiality at all times in accordance with The Data Protection Act 2018. Service Users have a choice of either eating in the dining area, the main lounge, the conservatory, the quiet lounge or in the privacy of their own room. Service Users have the right to maintain personal relationships in privacy. There are no set visiting hours and the Service Users must be given the choice as to whether or not they would like to receive the visitor at that particular time.

We hold 2-monthly Service User meetings and 6-monthly relative meetings (Service Users are encouraged to attend) for general discussions with regard to the activities of the home. This helps us to ensure the care we provide meets the Service User’s (and family members) expectations and requirements.

The Company is an active organisation that responds to the person-centred needs of all individuals and their families to ensure a total care environment with positive outcomes for all involved. We are committed to providing the highest standards of care possible and aim to promote well-being and improve an individual’s experience and quality of life.